Why Mexico & Brazil are leapfrogging PayTech to get ahead

Why Mexico & Brazil are leapfrogging PayTech to get ahead

David Lambert, CEO of Transact365, discusses the development of digital transactions in LATAM and how the payment sector has changed

Brazilian fans were not happy with Brandon Moreno’s win

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Key factors for your success in Brazil & Mexico – assessing opportunities and risks correctly

On 21 October, as part of Global Business Month, our expert panel discussed the current topic “Key factors for your business success in Brazil and Mexico – assessing opportunities and risks correctly”.

The session addressed, among other things, why Brazil and Mexico are currently the most important economic regions in Latin America and why Colombia is currently considered the most up-and-coming country in the region.

Besides Orlando Baquero, Managing Director of LAV, the guest in this round was Klaus F. Hepp – Managing Director of VULKAN do Brasil Ltda.

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Brazilian Cougar “Aroused Me” Inside Mexico’s Market!���� (Merida)

While I was getting ready to explore Merida, the safest city of Mexico, I started talking with a very attractive woman from Brazil named Chris.
Despite our “age” difference, our vibes matched perfectly and we decided to explore Merida’s famous central market together!
I can say with confidence that I will never forget that day!




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