Tech Nation launches Fintech Pledge supported by HM Treasury

Tech Nation launches Fintech Pledge supported by HM Treasury

Tech Nation has received support from HM Treasury in its plan to drive growth in the UK fintech sector with its pioneering ‘Fintech Pledge…

UKFW 21 – Transparency and data democratization: why ‘fairer’ is the future of fintech

The fintech industry is sophisticated when it comes to ensuring it has, and utilises, powerful end-to-end data. Many fintechs pass this visibility, as well as fee transparency, on to customers in a way that incumbent banks still tend to resist. It’s a trend which looks set to only increase, thereby sharpening the edge for fintechs. An ever more savvy customer-base demands and expects ever more data transparency and control and this fact stands whether you operate a B2B or B2C business; get good data, and pass it on. In this session we will explore ideas around data democratization and transparency and how fintech can play a key role in owning and pushing this technological and cultural principle well into the future.

Aisling Finn, Reporter, AltFi

Greg Delpit, Head of Strategy,
Dan Morgan, EU Policy Lead, Plaid
Thish Nadesan, COO, Cleo AI
Victoria Roberts, Director of Fintech Delivery, Tech Nation

FINTRAIL FinCrime Spotlight | UK Economic Crime Plan 2

In this episode of the FINTRAIL FinCrime Spotlight Maya, James and Ciara discuss the release of the UK’s Economic Crime Plan 2. The plan sets out the government’s priorities in tackling financial crime over the next three years.

Its three key aims are:
1️⃣ Reducing money laundering and recovering more criminal assets
2️⃣ Combatting kleptocracy and driving down sanctions evasion
3️⃣ Cutting fraud

If you haven’t had time to read it all (it is a lengthy 90 pages) this episode unpicks some of the detail in the plan and what other dependencies it has, questions if it is enough, and debates what is needed to make it effective (it seems this plan is still outstanding!)

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Tech Nation Talks: Wales

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Join us to discover how the local tech industry is a positive force driving economic growth, jobs and opportunities, but also tackling some of the biggest challenges of our time.

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