NY Bank partners with fintech to bridge financial gaps

NY Bank partners with fintech to bridge financial gaps

NY Bank partners with fintech MoCaFi to bridge financial gaps, support underserved communities, and lower cashing fees for underbanked Americans

#CEE21: Bridging the SME financing gap��Daniel Pana (FintechOS)

Watch the presentation on the topic of “Bridging the SME financing gap through innovative, customer centric lending”, recorded during the #CEE21 SME Banking Club Conference on November 25, 2021.

��Daniel Pana (FintechOS). LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielpanapavotheo/

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In the Trenches: Bank – Fintech Partnerships

Attorneys Dowse Rustin, Craig Nazzaro, and Brennan Ryan review structures, best practices, associated risks, and the expected growth for bank partnerships in today’s economic and regulatory environments. They discuss the drivers and concerns for both the depositories and their partners.

How to Make the Bank Work For You! #shorts

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A regular customer at a bank deposits their money and earns 0.1% interest on their funds.

�� Meanwhile, the bank takes 90% of those funds and lends them out to home owners, investors, and small businesses at much higher rates.

�� But a smart investor can borrow money from the bank at 6-7% and use it to earn 15-20% on great real estate investments!

Don’t work for the bank, make the bank work for you!

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Developing Fintech Partnerships

Traditional banks need to join the digital financial services economy rather than stay on the sidelines. Here’s why.