Merchants report rise in friendly fraud from mobile payments

Merchants report rise in friendly fraud from mobile payments

Fraud detection specialist Ravelin’s new survey has found that mobile payment platforms are creating a higher incidence of ‘friendly fraud…

Chargebacks explained | emerchantpay

A chargeback describes a transaction dispute in which the cardholder reclaims the amount they paid to a merchant from their issuing bank.

A customer typically requests a chargeback if they’ve never received their goods and services, if the merchant refused a refund, or if the transaction was fraudulent, among other reasons.

0:00 Chargeback overview
0:24 What’s the difference between a refund and a chargeback?
1:02: Why do merchants need to monitor their chargebacks?
1:31: How do chargebacks work?
2:09: What are some common chargeback reasons?
2:39: When can a consumer file a chargeback after the purchase transaction?
3:09: What can you do to protect your business?
3:50 How can emerchantpay help?

In our latest blog article, we dig even deeper into how chargebacks work and how to protect your business against chargebacks :

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What is Friendly Fraud?

What is Friendly Fraud?

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Merchant Fraud Journal Alternative Payments Webinar

Merchant Fraud Journal recently welcomed Jane Lee, Trust & Safety Architect at Sift, and Alexander Hall, a reformed high-level fraudster and the founder of Dispute Defense Consulting, for an important online event on the evolving complexities of payment fraud. We discussed increasing consumer adoption of alternative payment (non-credit card) methods such as cryptocurrency, and what it means for the future of card not present fraud prevention.

The webinar shared critical new information from Merchant Fraud Journal about merchants’ understanding of the need to combat this growing threat, explained the nature of the new fraud economy Sift’s internal data shows is being built around these methods, and revealed exactly how Alexander himself used these methods successfully during his career as a fraudster.

Fighting Friendly Fraud Chargebacks

The value that bad actors can extract from stealing digital identity is growing. Learn about ways to fight friendly fraud with Jordan McKee from S &P Global. Learn more at