How BaaS is Driving Innovation in the Digital Payments Space

How BaaS is Driving Innovation in the Digital Payments Space

Nanda Kumar, Founder and CEO of the Kerala-headquartered fintech solutions provider, SunTec, tells us why banks and businesses are benefiting from BaaS

Chapter 2 of 4: Making cross-border payments more efficient – Driving innovation through utility ban

Anders la Cour, co-founder and CEO of Saxo Payments, dives into the pain points inherent in cross-border payments and the role an industry utility play in reducing costs, increasing efficiency and driving forward innovation.

CA PSD2 – Igniting Digital Payment Innovation

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The European Union legislation PSD2 will standardise and secure how digital payments are made, so improving consumer protection, convenience and economic growth.
Discover how CA Technologies can ignite your PSD2 strategy .

Digital payments trends – Innovation Talks 2022

«Innovation Talks» is a special open project promoted by LUMSA University (Università LUMSA) founded in 2019 and consists of a series of open lectures on innovation, technology and the future of business in society. Series are repeated, twice a year (this is the 6th edition), with different guests and international keynote speakers.

“Digital payments trends” with
– Carolina Gianardi, American Express
– Filippo Giordano, Università LUMSA
– Claudio Giannotti, Università LUMSA

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Digital trends driving bank innovation – Chapter 2: Keeping pace with digital expectations

Corporate customers are starting to make the same digital demands as consumers. Banks
that don’t respond will be history, says Erik Zingmark, co-head of transaction banking for Nordea